#Teacher 5 A Day Tweak of the Week

So as we start a new academic year one of the targets I have is to write more blog posts and even more importantly to get as many people as possible to contribute their thoughts, ideas and teaching strategies.

Each monday will see a new Tweak of the Week, here is the first, enjoy!

Staff well-being is major focus at St George’s this year. Teaching is a stressful profession and one in which it is not always easy to predict workloads. In order to be at our best in the classroom we need to look after ourselves, making a conscious effort to maintain our physical and psychological balance. As we start the New Academic Year this would seem to be a perfect time of focus on our own well-being.

The #Teacher 5 A Day concept is simple. Identify 5 changes you will introduce this year to help support your home-work balance and allow you to thrive in the classroom.

Here are mine

  1. Stop and talk to a different student each day. Not about their studies. But how they are, what they have been up to, how they feel about things. In all honesty this is a very simple thing to achieve, and one I already try to do each day, it’s about continuing to do this, especially during busy stressful times.
  2. Try to find time to exercise, not something I have historically been very good at, but a little exercise a couple of times a week should not be too difficult to achieve, there you go, I have publicly said it!
  3. Eat well, and take proper time for lunch in particular. This can very challenging during the school day but is vitally important. We all need to stop, even if just for 30 minutes, eat, chat and simply be. Also remember to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water during the day.
  4. Switch off from work in the evening and at weekends. This means turning off emails. Too often late evenings are given over to reading and responding to emails, that’s fine at particularly busy times but too easily becomes a habit. At least twice a week and on Fridays and Saturdays I will try not to check emails after 6pm. If I haven’t answered your email, I am not ignoring it, I probably haven’t seen it yet!
  5. Plan to do new things. There are so many wonderful places to visit in the region and across Italy, I must make more of the opportunities. Planning evenings and weekends in advance will mean I am committed to them, despite how easy it would be to simply flop at the end of the day/week. Any suggestions regarding where to go and what to do happily received.

These are my #5 a day, some simple, personal steps to help maintain my well-being and work life balance. What are yours?


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